Friday, July 1, 2011

Guest Post: Candle Happy

Hello fellow Four Carats readers! I'm Rachel and I'm excited to be your guest blogger this week. I grew up with these girls and love the concept of this blog. Although our lives took us in different directions, we managed to stay in touch. 

My recent obsession has been trying to find the perfect candle. With a huge variety of candles available, it definitely makes it a challenge to stumble across the perfect one. I know it will take some time, but I think I've managed to pick up some great contenders so far. 

Now, Anthropologie has a pretty large selection of candles but you would never know this because their candles are scattered throughout the store. This makes it more difficult to find THE one, but it also makes finding something you love even more special. I was surprised when I found the refreshing citrus scent of Capri Blue's Volcano candle and I loved it so much that I couldn't resist picking it up in the mercury and etched glass jars. I also bought Capri Blue's Peeled Naval Orange candle, reminiscent of the taste of Orange Dreamsicles or the famous Orange Bang drink! Mmm... Ahh the nostalgia of childhood. These candles burn well and it doesn't take long for the scent to fill the house. 

My other amazing candle buy is from Roger's Gardens. Its one of those shops where you can spend a couple of hours wandering through only to wake up the next day to do it again and somehow manage to find things you didn't initially find. I'm so happy I came across Lollia's Milk Blossom candle during one of my Roger's Gardens escapades. I initially was drawn to the delicately stenciled glass and I knew I had to buy it when I smelled the calming scent of luscious creams and florals. I'm definitely a happy camper with my recent buys but I would love to hear about your candle recommendations- please share!

Happy 4th everyone! 


  1. i LOVE the capri blue volcano scent! i didn't know it came in pretty etched and mercury glass jars... i must pick this up for myself too!

    p.s. thanks for doing a guest post! please do so regularly! :)

  2. cool! i'm never into buying candles because i feel like they don't emit enough scent. but anthro is prob a good place to buy them because i can recognize the store from just the scent. those jars are so pretty!

    thanks for the post rachel! i hope u plan on becoming a permanent member of four carats!

    p.s. i LOVE rogers gardens. that place is so beautiful but also very inspiring! makes me want to take up gardening... hahahah

  3. i love candles!!! i have them all over my house!!! have a nice weekend!

  4. I feel candles add so much to a room..xx

  5. Hi Rae! Yay! I'm glad you did a post!

    It's funny you did a post on candles because I am obsessed with candles! I've tried a lot, here are my findings:

    - Nest Candles: My #1 favorite! I like the Moroccan Amber and their Grapefruit scents. They burn well, scents are very potent, and last semi-long. I also tried Mahogany but didn't like it very much. They also come in pretty etched cups that I use to hold pens/coins/etc after they're used.

    - Burn Candles: I tried the Kaffir Lime Basil scent. The candle burns long and the scent is really really potent, but I thought the scent was too 'fresh' for me. I haven't tried any other scents.

    - Voluspa: Apricot Nectar scent. These candles suck. There is practically no scent when you burn it even though the candle itself smells great.

    - Slatkin & Co (from Bath & Bodyworks): Love these candles. They are my #2 favorite. They burn quickly, and the scents are very potent but dissapear quickly after you blow them out. I've tried a bunch of scents...I really like the Juicy Nectarine.

    - Capri Blue: We just picked up the 'aloha orchid' scent when we were in Cali! Jason LOVES the scent because it reminds him of 'hawaii' which is ironic because i don't want our place to smell like a tourist spot. haha. In any case, I burned it last weekend and our place smelled like Anthropologie. haha.


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