Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sushi Imari

 Sushi Imari is one of my favorite casual sushi bars.  The location is a bit odd, in a strip mall filled with auto-repair shops, but the fish is fresh, prices are good, staff is friendly and best of all they give tons of freebies!

{assorted tempura}

{complimentary onion tempura!}

{hamachi sashimi - with an extra 6th piece free!}

{anita bath roll - spicy tuna, cream cheese, asparagus, topped with ono, avocado, scallions and ponzu}

{maguro & scottish salmon sushi}

{japanese snapper with shiso & masago sushi}

{baked mussels - on the house!}

{mini scoop of green tea ice cream for everyone!}


  1. yum! all the fresh fish and sushi looks sooo good, especially since i've not eaten any for about 6 months now! it's cool they give you lots of freebies!

  2. everything looks and sounds so YUM! i swear, every time you guys post about restaurants i want to go there like NOW. hahahha.

    the anita bath roll sounds so good, it has all the yummy stuff together in one roll!

  3. omgosh that looks SO NOMMY!! that tempera looks SOOO good. and the anita bath roll sounds crazy good i totally want ot try that!!!

  4. hey, why didn't we go there?? ;) looks yum!


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