Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nougatine at Jean Georges

I'm a little obsessed with Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

1 Central Park West (at the south west corner of Central Park)

Terrace at Jean Georges

Amuse Bouche

Tuna Tartare

Watermelon Salad

Sauteed Red Snapper


  1. yay another check off your summer bucket list! how many jean-georges' restaurants have you been to now?

    what's that relish stuff on top the snapper? it looks YUM.

  2. I think it's olives? I don't know & don't remember. It wasn't my dish. And to be honest, this was last summer, so the menu has since changed. Except the tuna tartare, that's still on the menu.
    Had it been this summer, I would have had 2 checks off the bucket list. But I did go to a Jean Georges restaurant in Kauai so that still counts.

  3. the watermelon salad looks delish! xx

  4. yum! that watermelon salad looks especially delicious!

  5. The food pictures are killing me and making me so hungry o.o


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