Monday, July 11, 2011

Food, Friends & a Bag?

{Forever 21 maxi dress & earrings; Bag from a leather shop in Florence, Italy}

On Sunday, I met T. Lynn and Rachel for lunch at the Plumeria Beach House at the Kahala Hotel. They were both in town for weddings and it was really nice to see them and catch up on each others lives.

Then we made a pit stop at Aloha Rag, where I bought a new purse!

Introducing the newest member of my handbag collection: the Celine Mini Luggage in Camel! The leather is uber soft and pebbled, and despite the bag being called 'mini', it really isn't! It'll be the perfect day bag for work and on the weekends!


  1. your belly seems to be growing everyday! you look super cute and happy in that f21 maxi. :)

    was this an impulse purchase or was the celine luggage tote on your radar? either way.. great purchase! i love that bag.. its so perfectly structured yet still remains casual.

  2. i LOVE this picture! you're SO HAPAI! and glowing! =) hehe. you look so good! and i love your outfit, the maxi dress is super cute!

    how was plumeria beach house? i love that place! it looks so tropical... *sigh*

    i'm so jealous you guys got to brunch together and GO SHOPPING TOGETHER! booooooooo.

    The Celine is gorgeous! i love the celine luggage, SO classy and chic, and extremely functional! GREAT BUY! love it!

  3. omgoooosh so FREAKIN' CUTE!! I DIE! i almost bought the same maxi from forever hahaha.. it's so cute on you!! but yes you are seriously growing by the minute.. luckily just your belly! ugh it's digusting that you look this good pregnant.

    sigh.. your new celine.. STUNNING!!! i showed lucas and he said ' wow that's so parisian ' HAHAHA. what the eff does that mean?!

  4. I love the new Celine, it looks incredible. The Maxi dress is so pretty too!


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