Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something New

{Zara Wedge Espadrilles - $39.99 on sale}

My go-to mall is South Coast Plaza; it has pretty much every store I regularly go to, I know the layout by heart, and I even have a special parking spot that never seems to be taken.  But this weekend I felt like taking a step out of the norm and decided to browse The Shops at Mission Viejo.  This mall is no SCP, but to my delight I was able to find some great deals on items that were not available (or out of stock) at the SCP locations.

 {J.Crew - Draped Bubble Dress - $18 on sale
Dainty Drapey Pearl Necklace (posted here) - $6 on sale (couldn't resist!)}

and... my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase finally came in the mail!

(Cole Haan - Air Sloane in Cafe Au Lait - $120 on sale)


  1. wow from $45 to $6 for that necklace. what a steal!

  2. i love those shoes! they remind me of Kate Middleton's espadrilles... hehehhe.

    cool! you got the necklace for half of what i got it for! and that dress is super cute! I was gonna ask if you ended up getting anything from the J.Crew sale! good finds!

    the loafers are cute! they do look similar to the loafers you already have, but you'd definitely wear them with different outfits. i love the shape and color. awesome deal!

  3. ohh cute finds!

    i think you have a very specific style because, as with your other purchases in the past, it seems like all your new pieces could match!

    i love the color of your new loafers!

  4. hehe yah they do look like kate's!

    all my clothes match bc i pretty much only buy solid neutrals, hahaha.


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