Monday, July 18, 2011

Vosges Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I am quite a fan of Vosges chocolate, especially their Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar, so it makes sense that I would also try their pancake mix.

I should disclaim this post by noting that I absolutely HATE making pancakes. I will slave in the kitchen preparing 3 hour dinners, bake pretty much everything from scratch, and make a homecooked Thanksgiving turkey dinner...but have some sort of weird mental block when it comes to pancakes. So if I want to eat pancakes for breakfast, I buy Bisquick Shake N Pour and have Jason make them.

So I attempted to make these pancakes. There were a few steps I can't figure out the point of doing separately ( 1. mix buttermilk and egg white; 2. mix melted butter and egg yolk; 3. mix 1 & 2 together and then combine with dry mix). I feel like I could have just mixed all the wet ingredients and then combined it with the dry, but I followed the directions anyway.

Another weird thing is that you can either put the very large chunks of chocolate "chips" into the pancake before you flip it to cook the other side, or just cook the pancakes without the chocolate chips and put the chocolate chips between the cooked pancakes. For some reason, I thought I would mix the chocolate chips into the batter.

The verdict:

1) The pancakes good. They were not fluffy, more of a mix between crepes and pancakes

2) Rather than buy this mix, just buy Bisquick Shake N Pour and a Vosges Chocolate Bacon Bar. You will basically get the same result, the batter will be easier to make, and it will be a few dollars cheaper!


  1. mmmm chocolate bacon pancakes.... they do look like crepes!

    i don't think i have ever made pancakes; i totally have daniel make the shake and pour bisquick too! i think maybe it's bc whenever we had a big sunday brunch at my house, my dad made the pancakes or french toast, which is totally weird bc he didn't cook anything else.

  2. this looks YUM! the pancakes look super thin, seems better than bisquick! i personally don't like bisquick actually, my faves are Morinaga or Aunt Jemima. hehehehehe. i actually don't love pancakes because i prefer eggs and rice for breakfast, but i can't turn down a morinaga or aunt jemima pancake! they are super fluffy and doughey/moist tasting. i feel like bisquick isn't as fluffy or moist.

  3. omgosh that looks CRAZY YUM. how big was the bacon?? you should just add in slices of bacon yourself and use regular chocolate. that way it's REALLY CHEAP!!! HAHAHAA OH GOD I AM CHINESE. hahaha.


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