Wednesday, July 27, 2011

girl time!

Last weekend, Mandy, Rachel, and I spent some much needed girl time together. We attempted to go vintage shopping, ate yummy/healthy food that our boyfriends probably wouldn't enjoy, and talked about weddings, interior decorating, clothes, and tons of girl stuff for hours. I really don't know why we don't take more lazy Sundays to just hang out and catch up with each other!

I loved Rachel's cute summery hat (which was perfect for our walk from boutique to boutique) and new cargo skinnies and Franco Sarto's, and Mandy's easy and perfect-for-a-day-of-shopping H&M floral maxi dress and ring.

{BR tank & skinnies, Franco Sarto sandals, necklace from Target, J.Crew belt}

{H&M maxi & ring, Steve Madden sandals, BR tassle necklace, & Ray-Bans}


  1. yes we def. need to do that more often! i'm also craving the deli salads we had... let's go back soon!

  2. sounds like you girls had a nice time!

    i love these pictures! you did a great job with the photography holly!

  3. love this post! you girls look so beautiful.. adore your maxi dress mandy!!

    how come holly doesn't have any pictures HAHA??!

  4. Yeah, Holly where's your outfit? You always stylin! :)


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